Comment on Employee Engagement Bardzo by Career Zingers #8: Constructing Our Career — David Zinger – Employee Engagement Speaker

[…] I am not a fan of either positive thinking or negative thinking because they are both shallow and too one-sided. Sometimes good things are not as good as we thought or bad things turn out to be good in time. Good things happen for a variety of reasons and bad things will inevitably occur. […]

Career Zingers #25: Stop Clinging

Bounce free of career static Cling Free Strip (David Zinger, 2018) Too much static in your career? Hanging on to outdated perceptions of work, career, and yourself? When drying your clothes, I sometimes put a sheet of Bounce in the dryer to stop the static so my clothes don’t cling. Here are 3 invitations to […]

Career Zingers #23: Build a Nuanced Career

Nuance Matters The dictionary defines nuance as the ability to express delicate shadings (as of meaning, feeling, or value). Own your subtle differences in meaning, feeling, and value. When you encounter career advice don’t trust it, test it. Does the advice fit for you? Is it helpful? How might you tweak or alter the suggestion or advice […]