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5 Critical Commitments for Successful Leadership Development

Today, I see companies paying lip service to leadership training and individuals ignoring the provided methods because they consider them antiquated and outdated.  It’s time for 21st Century concepts be applied to leadership development. Commitment is critical for growth..

Where do you stand on this subject.  Are your giving it lip service or are you intentional and proactive in making these priorities in your company?

I challenge every company who is struggling with this issue to make it a topic of discussion in every meeting.  Check out your competition and see what they are doing?  Set the bar high for yourself and your employees and you will reap the rewards.

Here are 5 commitments that I believe are critical, if you want your company to grow and prosper:

  1. Strong commitment by company, senior leaders and stakeholders to the basics of leadership development. It should not be the first thing cut from the budget when times get testy or there is pressure on margins. By keeping a focus on leadership development, you will always be guaranteed to have a pool of leaders that are focused on your company’s growth.  \
  2. Must have a clear purpose for the what, when and how to develop leaders. You will notice the “who “ is left out because everyone, in my opinion, should have some leadership training, even if they do not have a defined leader role.  This builds a strong organization that can adapt, grow and change as this VUCCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Complex and Ambiguous) world continues to evolve.
  3. Empowerment of an enterprise that chooses to build supportive relationships and create a community of learning. Too many organizations are afraid to train people because they may choose to leave and that that new knowledge with them however if you train, encourage the use of the new skills, communicate and respect the individual, this fear can be erased. I suggest you need to change that attitude. Training is not the reason people leave your company, they leave because you don’t give them the opportunity to use what you have trained them to do.
  4. Ensure there are 3 solid support domains that encourage and reward education, training and experience recording within the company. These domains provide the bedrock for engaging employees in vision, mission and purpose and they are Senior Leadership, Operations and HR. If leaders of these domains walk the talk, then others will embody those actions.
  5. Continuous provision of, acceptance of and acting upon candid, honest assessment & feedback. Where there is no respectful feedback, disciplines will flounder and people will wander, some completely out of the organization. Chances are the people leaving will be your stars and top performers because they want to get good, honest feedback so they can grow and develop.

Development of people must be a priority of your company. Commitment physically represents the intention and engagement the individuals, supportive peers and leaders as well as other stake holders expect today.

Leaders must be committed to the development of others and themselves on a regular basis. Teams and organizations will grow and improve when individuals choose to engage and improve. It is a well-known fact that engaged people ensure profitable companies.

If you would like help in developing these concepts in your organization, please check out my website at Transformative Leadership Group or call me for an appointment at 630-454-4821. I would love to talk with you on this very important topic.