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About Ron McIntyre – Principle

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About Ron McIntyre – Principle Coach

My entire career has been spent in learning, adapting and reinventing myself as I have moved through retail, IT, transportation, relocation services, utilities and medical records management positions.  I have effectively led and motivated small, large and multi-cultural teams across the globe.

I am deeply influenced by John Maxwell, Tom Peters and Peter Drucker, each of whom knew that managing oneself was the first and most essential management challenge.  I have also been privileged to have had conversations with Bob Proctor and Zig Ziglar over the years.

I see life as an ongoing series of moments.  How present we are for these moments determines our quality of life.  When we are scattered, inattentive and unfocused, daily life becomes stressed and frantic.  I was privileged to assist CSC in developing a 700+ member Authentic Leadership group in less than 4 years, to work on these issues.

When we learn to live with greater attention and presence we are more proactive, deliberate and effective.  By learning how to skillfully manage the forces that exist inside us all, we adjust to what life throws at us.

I am passionate about enabling people to be the most authentic, high performing team members they can be while working with the organization to provide an environment where that is a part of the company DNA. I am committed to developing Transformative Leaders, who are willing to allow others to grow and expand their engagement within their current and future roles.

I am also a certified Life Coach accredited through the American Union of NLP.

I am excited by my association with the John Maxwell team.  It allows me to have a positive effect on quality of life—at work, home, and with each other.  The quality of life means exercising our greatness—engaging in meaningful livelihoods, enjoying loving and resilient relationships, contributing positively to society, and finding beauty, humor, and joy, even in difficult times.

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