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Business Puzzle Solution Thinking

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I am a business puzzle innovator and proactive executive coach. I look at business issues as solvable puzzles & help innovate solutions! (Businesss Puzzle Solution Thinking)

I have created a process that I apply in every situation where I am called to consult:

Puzzle Solution Thinking – Transformative Leadership Group

Business problems are a lot like jigsaw puzzles and puzzle pieces:

  1. They are often compressed into a small box, that few want to open.
  2. The outside reflects what the desired look of the completed puzzle should look like.
  3. The back of every piece is blank but does reflect the shape of the piece so still useful.
  4. They usually have boundaries or borders.
  5. They contain a number of interlocking pieces or processes.

    Puzzle Pieces

    Proactive Puzzle Coach

  6. There is usually a single solution, but with problems, there may be a finite number of solutions.
  7. There are puzzles and problems with big pieces or small intricate pieces.
  8. It takes time and effort to successfully complete them
  9. You can’t insert one puzzle piece into another puzzle. They are unique to that puzzle.
  10. When completed they can be a work of art and beauty.


My process:

  1. Assessment – How many pieces are visible, accessible, or hidden.
  2. Design Options – How many of the pieces fit together well and how many are not part of this puzzle? How many pieces are lost or hidden? How many pieces can be re-cut? How many options are there for the pieces that you have at hand? What happens if we can’t find all the pieces?
  3. Selection – Select the pieces that fit well together, find the hidden pieces, order the new pieces.
  4. Execution – Assemble the pieces into the finished puzzle that it should be.
  5. Monitor & Adjust – Do all the pieces hold together? Are there misfitting pieces? What effect do the missing pieces have on the operation of the solution?

I have used this process in many engagements and have found it very successful in producing long-term results and benefits.

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