Roadblocks to Self-Development

What is the deal with all this personal growth and self-development business?  Why bother in the first place? We are rapidly moving into an economy based on collaboration and personal branding so to be successful each person will need to understand how well they work with others.  This begins with being self-aware, adaptive, flexible and persistent, all of which are found in most Self-Development programs.

It is so easy to treat personal development as ‘optional’ and so few people ever take the time to improve themselves.  Too some, it may seem corny or a waste of time, yet there is no denying that everyone has a hero and typically that hero has understood self-development sometime in their past.

Personal growth and self-development is arguably one of the most important things you can do with your free time.  In fact, you may find it beneficial to schedule time for this very important process; you can even argue that to actualize your true potential is the purpose of being here.  In many ways, all your actions are geared towards ‘self-improvement’.  Everything you do, you should do with a positive intent.

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Career Management and Interim Solutioning

There is a perception that employers look only towards people with less experience in the market place.  Why is that?  Do they consider the mature applicant to be less flexible, less driven, more expensive or less technologically aware?  It would be naive to think that age isn’t taken into account, when employers are looking at a prospective applicant.  However, the number of people working beyond the age of 65, is, apparently, rising significantly, according to the ‘UK Office of National Statistics and so the competition for challenging senior roles will increase; this is especially true of the ‘Interim Management’ market place.

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Get the Most from Your Executive Coaching Sessions

courtesy of Stuart Miles at
courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Executive Coaching must be a vested interest arrangement by both parties. In my practice I will always emphasize that we are here to allow you to be the best and most productive person you want to be.  I am here to help unlock doors and encourage forward momentum in your life, I won’t force you to go somewhere you are not comfortable. Your time is valuable. Here’s how to get the most for it when you attend a coaching session.

1) Know what you want, or ask for help to find it

Before the session, concentrate on setting goals for yourself based on the materials provided by the coach. What do you want to learn? How can this program help you? What would make you feel that your time was well spent? It’s critical that you begin your sessions on a strong foundation and it really does start with self-evaluation.

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6 Techniques to Aid in Difficult Communications

Leadership 1Effective leaders are known for being excellent communicators. Effective communicators also know how to deal with difficult situations when dealing with clients. If you struggle in this arena: Here are some ideas of what to do.

1) Avoid “Negatives.” Negative talk encourages arguments, counter attacks, and futile attempts to solve your problems. It also creates a negative impression. For example, when you say, “I can’t,” you appear helpless and ineffective. Instead, talk about what you can do and what you would like to happen. Keep your cool in the situation because the minute you become negative the other person has won.

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5 Ways to Improve Personal Productivity

Provocation-51In many businesses, too much time is wasted by owners and management on nonproductive activities. The result is lower productivity, less customer satisfaction and a significant loss of profits.

Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of nonproductive tasks and boost your productivity.

Do you know that you get 80% of your results from just 20% of your time and effort and consequently 80% of your time is virtually wasted on nonproductive activities? Once you recognize this, it is easy to either reduce the hours you work or significantly improve your productivity.

The 80-20(Pareto) rule was first discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto a hundred years ago.  Using this knowledge is incredibly powerful in combating the “not enough hours in the day” mentality of today’s society.

The 80-20 rule means that in any area of our lives, literally 80 percent of our fruits are derived from only 20 percent of doing “what matters”. In other words, there is only a very small portion of all that we do each day, regardless of the situation, that brings us the “higher return”.

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The Dynamic Meeting Process – Time is Now

Courtesy of renjith krishnan at
Courtesy of renjith krishnan at

Visualize entering a company meeting, team meeting, or business meeting. There you are sitting in the room, while someone in the “expert” or “boss” chair speaks to you or at you.

  • There you sit, not aligned with that person’s mission or vision.
  • There you sit, feeling apart from the process.
  • There you sit, lacking energy and the desire for being there.
  • There you sit, hearing what is going wrong and what you or your team or department needs to change or improve.
  • How are you feeling?
  • Are you feeling a connected to the meeting?
  • Are you feeling enthusiastic about being involved at the meeting?
  • Are you fully present at the meeting?
  • Are you deeply engaged and listening with your heart and your head?
  • Are you inspired to collaborate, participate, and contribute? Or, are you ready to fall asleep, argue or count the minutes of what you feel is an eternity

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Short Recap of How the Domain Name System Works

We’re going to discuss various aspects of domain names, such as DNS (Domain Name Service) is the system that converts a domain name into an IP address, which allows computers to identify other computers and servers on the internet. An IP address is a numerical label assigned to any device attached to the network. This means, the DNS allows you to use the easy-to-remember domain name of a website instead of its actual address on the internet, and it figures out the rest. This process is referred to as DNS name resolution.

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Deliver Over and Above
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In the last post we talked about how to figure out what your customers want out of a positive shopping experience. Today we’ll talk about the concept of Deliver +1 and how this concept can take your customer service to the next level. I’ve decided to split up this post so the next one will cover the 1% Rule.

Consistency is the key to any great customer service experience. If you want to take your satisfied customers to Raving Fan status, you have to go above and beyond the average customer service experience.

There are three ways to develop extraordinary consistency:

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Disconnected in the Connected Age?

Courtesy of cooldesign at
Courtesy of cooldesign at

Let me get one thing on the plate to start with; I am a technology geek and I really enjoy technology however on today, the 40th anniversary of the cell phone, I find that we are using the cell phone to hide in plain sight.  There is a real danger that future generations will not know how to communicate and connect in a human way.

More and more I see people of all ages sitting in restaurants staring at their smart phones rather than conversing.  When the do converse it is a very shallow conversation that has little relevancy to their relationship.  We need to have at least one day per week to disconnect from our toys.

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