Transformational Lifestyle

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Tony Robbins says “Your philosophy of life shapes you more than anything else.”  This got me thinking about the topic of personal transformation, which I am a strong advocate of and how this could play a role in our lives.

My first question is: Can we truly transform ourselves?

The answer I have experienced is a resounding “YES” but it does require being intentional in action and thought.  What we value and believe becomes part of our everyday persona, but it is not a simple on or off relationship.  Today we are often told that we need to model this or that in our work and personal lives or we are influenced by peer groups however being authentic requires that we are comfortable with who we are.  Trying to live in a way that is not consistent with our picture or view of our true nature only brings confusion and frustration. The longer you live a lie the longer it takes to recover and restore our true nature.  Our ability to anchor in our values and beliefs is really the strongest tool or power that demonstrates our actions.

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Are You Goal Conscious or Growth Conscious?

John Maxwell poses this question quite often but the more I have experienced this I totally understand it now. He is absolutely right and it goes back to a premise I totally support: It boils down to attitude in almost every case.  Goals are great as is personal and organizational growth however too many focus on the goals and lose sight of the growth.

How do you develop goals? Do you create or refresh them quarterly, annually or never?  What happens when you reach a goal?  How many goals do you set for yourself or your team on a regular basis? Who do you share your goals with and how do you let people help you reach them? All of these are valid questions that we should be asking ourselves but keep this in mind; each of these goals is a destination!  Once you have reached that destination, multiple things can occur ranging from celebration to depression depending on how focuses you were on that particular goal.

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