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Successful Companies Empower in Eight Areas

I believe there are a number of areas within an organization where authentic leaders, looking to be successful, have found great benefits by investing in them. These 8 areas are a starting point for engaging the process. The key is to make sure the discussion, responses, and support are real, valued, and measurable in some […]

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What an Engaged Employee Should Look Like

In previous articles, I have been focused on making and keeping commitments. I feel this is a critical component of success for every company and leader but too often we forget about what the follower’s roles are and how they impact an organization. The basis of our new PE-ER tool, coming this summer, is “Performing […]

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The Why’s of Commitment

Simon Sinek makes some major statements in his 2011 book, “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”, but he emphasizes the fundamental need of every human, who is striving to succeed, to know the “WHY” of what they are doing. He discusses the idea of inspiring others to do well and […]

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What is Commitment?

Simple question, not so simple answer.  So often we treat this term very lightly with little concern for the actual outcome. In a relativistic society, we often look at commitments as being one-sided, our own personal benefits are the primary focus. Well, I decided to take a look at this simple word: COMMITMENT noun – […]