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Are YOU tired of being told your employees are disengaged?

Transformative Leadership Group (TLG) launches campaign to address costly 30% employee engagement

In response to a recent Gallup survey revealing that fewer than 30% of employees in the USA feel engaged at work, I have launched a campaign for local companies to improve engagement.

Global EngagementRepeated Gallup surveys have highlighted a staggering problem for leaders of both large and small organizations.  Fewer than 30% of employees feel engaged at work, and almost an equal number report that they are actively disengaged. This issue costs companies billions of dollars annually in lower productivity, errors, and employee turnover costs.”

I am bringing simple, practical, and proven strategies to leaders to engage their teams.

There are some really simple ways to improve engagement.  Leaders don’t need a massive, invasive consulting project or expensive benefits package. It all starts by recognizing that employees leave managers, not companies, and working with managers to improve their engagement skills.

TLG’s campaign includes an 11-part model for improving employee engagement using simple but powerful strategies.

This includes:

–        1. Skills to clearly set expectations and communicate about performance on a regular, informal basis.

–        2. Asking for advice about how to be better.

–        3. Understanding each employee and helping them achieve their professional aspirations.

–        4. Adapting their style and leadership strategy depending on each employee’s performance, talents, and unique potential at the organization.

–        5. Communicating with the full set of messages that employees want and need to hear.

–        6. Being available as a source of support to assure employee success.

I also include a session on the Chemistry of Successful Strategy Development that I have developed for use in this growth of teams and companies.

For more information about this campaign and the free self-assessment, send us an email or call 630-454-4821!