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Deliver Over and Above
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In the last post we talked about how to figure out what your customers want out of a positive shopping experience. Today we’ll talk about the concept of Deliver +1 and how this concept can take your customer service to the next level. I’ve decided to split up this post so the next one will cover the 1% Rule.

Consistency is the key to any great customer service experience. If you want to take your satisfied customers to Raving Fan status, you have to go above and beyond the average customer service experience.

There are three ways to develop extraordinary consistency:

1. Avoid offering too many customer service options.

We sometimes get so caught up in giving customers what they want we get away from our original vision. Instead, stay true to your vision and offer one or two solid customer service techniques that will set you apart from the competition.

You need to fine tune the current systems you are using before you can add anything to the mix. There’s nothing worse than launching a new program when you haven’t even worked out the kinks of an old system.  Focus, Focus, Focus!

This is an easy trap to fall into because we want to please everyone but by focusing in on what you do BEST it allows you to offer superior services or products.  If you have been in business for a while it is a good idea to prune your products or services based on an exhaustive review of performance and profitability of each listing.

If you are just starting your business, begin with the one or two service or products that provided the passion to start the business.  Don’t add until you have a good handle on what the extension will cost you and what impact it will have on the other items or services you provide.

2. Put solid systems into place.

Once you know what you’re going to offer, you need to have a system in place to execute it flawlessly every time. This system needs to consist of the right people in the right roles, accepting the right responsibilities and using the right technology that guarantees a positive experience every time. Emphasis needs to be placed on the awesome results, which ultimately is the satisfaction of the customer.

Make sure there are monitoring tools in the system that allow you to know the number of positive interaction as well as catching potential negative tracks before they become damaging to any relationship.

Reward employees who consistently exceed your expectations when dealing with customers. Ensure this program is fair and transparent to your staff.  Add improvements as the market changes. Regularly educate regarding the need for excellent customer service.

3. Good training is the key.

Once you have your system in place you need to train people to use it properly and efficiently. This helps your people deliver the results your customers are looking for. While, training is essential for the system to work and for all your people to work together cohesively, appreciation will go a long way. This appreciation must extend beyond the sale or delivery so make this process as part of your regular business plan.

I hope this has given you a look into what you need to do in order to have a quality customer service system in place. If you need help, try our FREE test drive and gain access to a wealth of resources, tools and coaching or contact me.