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Embracing AI in Our Lives is Vital

Systematic Innovation
A Systematic Approach Works

A snippet of the future of AI, thanks to the imagination of Stephen Ibaraki:

Time stamp–2026.07.14

“It is time to wake up Jane. Here is your morning update.

I did a self-upgrade. I am now Financial Intelligent Agent version 2026.07.14—you can still think of me as FIA (fee-ah) but with an emotional adjustment based upon the happiness assessment of your brain patterns. My upgrade also enhances my participation in a 360-degree holistic view of your life that helps me improve your financial well-being.

I am making continual micro-adjustments to your investment portfolio based on trends being monitored on a continuous 24/7 basis. I am redistributing your savings through micro-auctioning to the top ten ranked services for best spot interest rates.

I examined your calendar. Through UIA (you-ah—United Intelligent Agent), I booked your flights for August 20that the lowest rates. I am sensing a 90% probability high flu outbreak in Amsterdam when you arrive. With IIA (ee-ah—Insurance Intelligent Agent), I negotiated spot health insurance for the 23.3 hours of risk.

I booked you a rental car with the best safety record, thus the lowest insurance. You can call him SAM. Your hotel is handled the same way through their intelligent agents (IAs).

I will handle via IAs all fund transfers and payments with the best negotiated lowest fees. From my analysis of your sentiment thought patterns, I know you worry about this. We can get all this information in one place, updating continuously, with the best deals and rates, lowest fees, no minimums, no people with bad days and no overhead infrastructure since it is all virtual. And best of all, we can see it together through embedded augmented and virtual reality.

Your health index is down to 94.2 and so I will ensure the adding of supplements to your meal plans today when ordering via RIA (ree-ah—Restaurant Intelligent Agent). Your life index is also down to 102.4 and so I will make a gene adjustment via the nanobots. Concurrently, I will ensure micro-adjustments to your retirement savings plan and life insurance via IAs.

Your work schedule today is 3 project bids working on creative design with robot guides.”

Jane stumbles out of bed having received the updates implanted in her memory from FIA via direct neural communication.”

The introduction above was in an article written by Stephen Ibaraki on 9/22/16 for the Financial Services Roundtable. The author was focused on the financial arena for this article but I fell in love with the detail and decided to expand the concept and ask the question: how will you prepare your business and your career for this type of automated life?

“Remember what got you here, generally won’t get you a front row seat in the future. The Artificial Intelligence(AI) and robot train is on a roll and how it treats humankind will depend on humankind.”

Hopefully, we all have dreams, desires, and goals and it’s great to daydream about what it would be like when we have freedom to manage our own time and work.

You may see the introduction of AI to your life as exciting and thrilling or it may be something you are dreading and living in fear of, either way, you will have to deal with it, hiding will only make it worse.

Below are some ideas, thoughts and steps you can take to make the adoption, adaptation and management of AI, computers and robots in your life tolerable and even fun.

Now here’s a huge question for you: How much time do you dedicate each day to understanding and adapting to the upcoming changes? Are you reading about the pros and cons of AI in your industry or trying to avoid discussing the subject?  My guess is your answer is more the latter.

How much time do you spend training or doing something productive and proactive to develop a goal, plan or dream that includes AI, compared to sitting on your couch watching TV.

Even daydreaming can be productive, if you know how to creatively visualize. If you don’t understand this process, now is the time to start embracing it. Hire a coach to help you learn to use visualization, goal planning and execution to make sure you can adapt and embrace the changes that are coming. They can also help you deal with the changes necessary, if you are willing.

Your willingness to address these coming changes will be determined by your daily habits, they will determine your future. Successful people have successful, repeatable habits, unsuccessful people generally don’t.

To get your dreams to materialize you need a plan that allows you to structure your time into productive slots. All successful people have a plan, follow it, and gauge their progress by it.

For example, learn to measure and keep your commitments because in this new world, people will be measuring your ability to meet your commitments much more than in the past. Check out the PE-ER platform to help you manage your commitments with others at

You should be allocating most your time to being productive and focused on your change goals, i.e. learning, training, even physical conditioning, reading and viewing material that is going to help you become better a leader or worker.

Analytics is a buzz word today but it will provide you with a wealth of information when you review your commitments, productivity, coach assigned exercises and your competitors to see what you need to work on.

It is all about where you put your focus and how intentional you are each day.

I believe that 90% of your focus and energy should be directed at building, empowering and executing your own life plan and career and how you can empower others to do the same. Don’t let someone else plan or execute your life or career plan.

Don’t forget the emotional side of your life because without it we become as steely cold and calculating as the computer and robots that we are trying to adapt to and use to improve our lives. AI, computers and robots are machines without a soul or compassion so we need to be an emotional proxy for them.

If you want to succeed in business or in life add discipline to your daily activity. Instead of coming home from a long day at work kicking back with a beer and watching the game, put on an instructional video to help you learn new techniques or improve on your speed, accuracy, openness or flexibility.

Physically, we can go to the gym lift weights, do cardio, strength train or work on techniques with a sparring partner. Stamina and persistence will be mandatory as we move forward in a more automated workspace.

During work or on your way home visualize yourself in work situation performing a technique you have recently learned, so it becomes ingrained in your subconscious and is in your arsenal. Build on your strengths, not on your weakness.

Today and in the future, there are four kinds of people;

  1. People that make things happen,
  2. People that watch things happen,
  3. People who wonder what happened, and
  4. People that will fight anything happening at all costs.

Which one are you?

So, if you keep asking yourself why your career or business is stalled, take an honest inventory of yourself, your attitudes and the culture, because it’s about where we put the focus in our life that determines were we are going. I suggest hiring a coach to help you get unstuck.

If you keep on doing what you always done you’ll keep getting what you always got. AI will be an excuse rather than a tool to make your life better.

Making your dreams become reality is not about luck, or “if it’s meant to be it will happen”. It’s not hocus-pocus; it’s all about where you put your focus, your ability to trust yourself and others, your ability to collaborate and how intentional you are in every scenario.

If you or your team are struggling with the upcoming drive of AI and robotics, I would love to help you or any of your people determine how it can be a blessing rather than a curse.

Love to have a frank and open brainstorming session with any individuals that feel they are operating from fear rather than proactively trying to adopt and adapt. Check out my website at or call me at 630-454-4821.