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Explosive Growth for Your Business in 2017

Systematic Innovationyou looking to be successful in 2017? Of course you are going to shout, HELL Yes! But my question to you is are you prepared to take advantage of it and convert you goals into actions:  Here are 6 characteristics that I suggest you digest and make part of your life and the culture of your company.

I don’t care if you are a solopreneur, small business with less than 50 people, Medium business with 51 – 200 people or larger business with 200+employees, these characteristics will apply in all cases.

  1. Strive to be the Best in the World at what you do!

This is a starting point.  So many times we start out wanting to improve a product or services because we have been unhappy with previous purchases. That means you are striving to be the best in the world.

Do your research and understand what it means to the best.  Don’t make this part of guesswork because you will fail if that is the case.

Saying this is far different than actually doing it.  Once you have developed the product or service and it is gaining momentum there seems to be a trigger somewhere that often gets switched to make more money. This often translates to cutting costs or trimming features and benefits which is just the opposite of what you want to accomplish.

  • First, believe in your product or service.
  • Ensure that your customers or clients recognize & know they are receiving value.
  • Focus on consistent, effective delivery, not the lowest pricing.
  • Use testimonials to expand your customer base
  • Know your customer life cycles so you know when to add or drop products or services.

You cannot wait until your product or service is perfect to get started but you can definitely get a good idea of quality from day one and continue to improve it.  That is why I have worded it as striving rather than BE from the beginning.

  1. Pay Attention to Details!

If you are providing the best product or services in the market place, then you need to ensure that you are constantly checking the quality and customer details. Make and keep commitments related to your business with fervor and excitement.

Key point to remember is that details done correctly and frequently with love will drive the value chain for the customer. Customers are looking for value not just the lowest price so this is a critical part of the puzzle when it comes to user experience.

  1. Become a Master of Your Product and/or Service!

Whatever your product of service, you should be the guru or master of that product or service. You need to know the nuts and bolts of each product or service so that your customers see the expertise that you and your people provide.

Where possible publish white papers and industry presentations that will make you an expert in the industry. I particularly suggest that you also become an advocate for sustainability within your industry so that the feel good of being a conscientious provider can be used in your marketing and industry positioning.

Your people need to know your products and services as well as you do. In many cases they will actually know it better than you so congratulate & reward them on this knowledge.  The net result of this is that your people will be more engaged and your customers will recognize it also resulting in better customer satisfaction ratings.

  1. Let the Market Drive Positive Value Delivery!

The market will drive how they want your product or service delivered once they purchase it or engage in services. You need to listen and be agile enough to be able to meet those demands. The key is to not be a roadblock, anticipate their needs and be ready to exceed their expectations.

Always clarify what you heard in terms of expectations and what you recommended to deliver but even more importantly make sure you clarify what you agreed to in the final session. Ensure that this last part is in writing so you can discuss when you have variances that need to be dealt with and they will occur.

You will find that when you follow this process you will avoid negative interactions with your customers, in fact, I believe you can make unhappy customers a mere glimmer in the past of your company.

  1. ALWAYS be Innovative, without Being Threatening!

If you strive to be the best, then you are subscribing to being a change maker for your client and within your industry.  This means that you need to go places where you may feel uncomfortable to stretch your team and leadership but it is necessary to be a leader in your industry. By being innovative you provide your customer with the ability to stretch themselves as far as they are willing to go because you are there to help them.

A key point to remember is that being innovative can be threatening to some clients because they are unwilling to follow your lead and that means you have to make a decision. Do you flex and crank back on the innovation throttle or do you back out of the relationship? This is a critical decision that you cannot procrastinate on for a long period of time. Make your decision and move on without burning any bridges with the client.  They will respect you either way if you are transparent and open with them.

  1. Be A Leader from the Front!

Leading by example is always a good idea. If you are suggesting a particular way of doing something then you should be able to demonstrate that you do the same thing or have provided similar, successful products or services for others in the market. Be able to demonstrate the value to our customer or client.

Trust your client and earn their trust of you. Make and keep your commitments, don’t become a last minute change artist because this will result in a lack of trust and relationship capital, which you can’t afford to lose. Being successful depends on trust.

Be an empowering leader in all things, not just a few. Build our organization with transparency, trust, consistency and quality in mind. Give your people latitude & trust to answer your client’s questions and resolve their problems immediately.

If you would like to discuss ways you can adapt these characteristics in your company, please check out Transformative Leadership Group Website or call me at 630-454-4821.