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Free Resources

This page provides access to a number of free resources or tool you can use to start a journal discipline in your life.  All are resources that I believe can help you understand and grow, both personally and professionally.  Each title is a link so all you need to do is open and save or download and use. Hopefully, you will find them beneficial and exciting to use rather than boring and useless.

 Cascade Insights: In this 2012 document, Cascade provides some great insights on the importance of pattern recognition and creation of a framework to deal with it within your own company.  The concepts are as vital today as they were 5 years ago when this was written.

3-3-5 Journal Template: In this template, you will find a Word Doc file which will allow you to create and maintain a journaling within your life starting small and growing as far as you want to take it. This is a Word doc that you will need to download and save.

Summary of Success Keys: In this Excel Spreadsheet I have captured 10 rules or concepts for success from a variety of leaders such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Napoleon Hill, Elon Musk and others.  These are ideas, concepts and thoughts you can use to grow your leadership but remember, what worked for them may or may not work for you.  You have to make the right choices and create the right rules for you and your company.

Michael Hyatt’s – LifeScore Assessment:  This MS Excel spreadsheet is a great tool to help you become more self-aware and sensitive to various areas of your life by recording current and prior status based the instructions in first tab.  Check out his website for more information! This is a MS Excel spreadsheet so you will need to download and save to use it.

TLG-25 Questions to Address today – 2015: This MS Excel spreadsheet is meant to be a workbook for leaders to have a frank and future orientated discussion with their direct reports in hopes of making the company grow and prosper. This is a MS Excel spreadsheet so you will need to download and save to use it.

TLG – 365 Days Of Motivation – 2017: – This eBook is meant to provide leaders with a fresh quote or tidbit for each day to help them progress in their personal and professional life. I have compiled this from a number of sources so it is meant to be digested and thought about.

Self Esteem Guide 2017: This 29 page document can help you grow your own self-confidence with very practical ideas and thoughts.  Download it today for free.

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