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How to Understand the Law of Attraction!

shareasimage (2015_09_21 22_53_07 UTC)Have you ever thought the world was there only to make you fail? Do you think that If you didn’t have bad luck you wouldn’t have any luck at all? This is an example of stinking thinkin’!

In reality, you make your own luck, your own failures and successes with your choices. Yes, we can blame others but we are responsible for how we handle the external impacts of outside services, products or people.

If you are one of the positive ones who think everything happens for a reason! ?
Excellent, good for you! You are correct! Well, sort of…

It has been my experience that everything DOES happen for a reason, but not in the way many people think. Generally, everything in your life happens because you made it happen, allowed it to happen or accepted that it was the way it must be.

Did your car break down? Yeah, that was probably you! Ignoring maintenance, bad choice in purchasing, lack of understanding of how to maintain a car.

Can’t find the right partner? Yeah, that was probably you too! – Your expectations either not outlined, too high or too low. Your choice of friends? Your choices of activities? Your view of the future or past? Your life. Your events. You made it happen or allowed it to happen.

You may be asking: How can this be?
It really boils down to attraction, one of the laws of our universe. It does involve time, space, quantum physics, vibrations and energy. It’s all around you every moment of every day, reading you and transforming your life. This is a brief discussion of my view of the Law of Attraction.

Sound too New Age for you? Well, it’s supported by bible scripture, actual science and real life experiences.

Attraction is one of the primary core laws of life. Simply put, it implies, that energy attracts like energy, vibrations attract like vibrations, attitudes attract like attitudes. This means that what you feel or how you react to situations determines a lot of what you get out of life. When you are having a bad day and things just keep getting worse, it should make perfect sense in context with the law of attraction.

So what happens when you apply this law to your relationships in life, business and personal? When you take all of your goals and dreams and have an attitude about them that says they can be accomplished; you can stay more positive and focused.

Results: Many of your dreams will come true, and miracles happen. In the universe anything is possible, and you can make it happen if you know how.
Here are a number of tips to assist in your journey to become a positive influence in life.

Stay Positive. Did you know that you can sabotage yourself and your dreams by becoming too self- critical and negative? Situational awareness is always a great defense. Always pay attention to your Inner Voice, listen to the world and make necessary corrections when needed. Be proactive and present when making choices. Part of being positive is also tied to being grateful for others and what they do for you.

Stay connected. Being present and remaining connected with your inner self is very important. Listen to your instincts as you journey down the life path you are committed to and dreaming of.

Important: You also need to be aware of what you really want in your life and career instead of what you think you want or worse yet, what other people think you need in life. One way to achieve this is through the use of a coach who can assist you with career and life planning, using tools such as assessments, meditation, active discussion and self-discovery.

Stay connected with peers that are of likeminded in your growth and positive attitudes. Be on the alert for partnerships and win-win enterprises that are willing to help. Disconnect from negative and destructive personalities around you, sooner rather than later.

Stay Strong. Don’t let anyone arbitrarily crush, steal, or put your dreams down. It is a fact that not everyone will agree with or support your dreams, but you can’t let that get you down. Listen to their concerns and actively consider their input in your process, if they are relevant and may have some merit in the outcome.

But remember, they are your dreams alone and generally possible but you have to build the foundation and remain focused and persistent.  Don’t let anyone stand in the way of accomplishing your goals!

Keep in mind that if your dreams are negative or self-centered there may be some rather unexpected results if you are not listening to those around you. Being self-aware does not mean being self-deluded.

Keep Learning. Learning is critical. Not too long ago, I wrote a blog on the power of Ikigai and Kaizen thinking. The idea behind Kaizen for me is that I am continually looking for improvements in my life, career and relationships.

Living according to Ikigai and Kaizen are fundamental pillars in personal development and they create that paths that lead to great success!

They set the stage for the Law of Attraction to work because the foundation of your values, vision and mission are must be clearly defined. It is a matter of attitude, time investment, effort and integrity rather than just answering the questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Embrace Change: The law of attraction does not guarantee that you don’t have to change or modify your approach. In reality, the more flexible you remain while keeping a strong handle on your values and principles, the more likely you are to succeed.

Keep in mind there is a big difference between have a strong handle on your values and principles versus being dogmatic and outdated. Yes, there are universals such as truth, love, respect and integrity that can’t be compromised but everything else is open for discussion.

Also the world changes, attitudes change and desires change so what worked for you today may not work the same way in 5 – 10 years. In fact, it may change to a completely opposite direction but you can handle this if you ware well anchored, respectful, self-aware and compassionate about your dream.

A final note about the Law of Attraction: There are no magic silver bullets that will help you accomplish your journey faster, better or guarantee success. You have to be passionate and invested in your own success. I would wish you the best of luck, but you have something better than luck when the Law of Attraction is on your side!

I would love to help you become more aware of the Law of Attraction.  Please check out my web page at or call me at 630-454-4821.