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Business Coach Revelations Cover

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Business Coach Revelations

In this book, I have provided a group of practical exercises and topics that small business can identify, modify and incorporate into their business. This will allow you to increase sales, profits and sustainable growth.

The tactics outlined here are some of those used by large businesses which can be adapted for small businesses.

It is a distillation of experiences and processes that I have been exposed to over the years. I share many of these in my workshops. All of the material provided is well within the working skill sets for the average business owner.

There are no special skills required, only a willingness to buckle down and do what is necessary.




Together Works Cover

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Together Works; The Ultimate Guide to Effective Ecollaboration

Since the dawn of time, humanity has depended on collaboration for survival. Families, clans, tribes, corporations, cities, countries and international bodies like the UN all depend on collaboration. Almost everything we do depends on collaboration. Any system, process or technology involves people collaborating. Moreover, we are continually evolving and creating new ways of doing things, which means that the foundation of management, methods and measures of how we collaborate are also changing. Our unique approach pulls together the main ingredients of today’s work environment with practical overviews and tips to success in ecollaboration.

To be successful today, we need to master collaboration and communications in order to improve and operate at the most effective levels possible. We can accomplish this by taking advantage of the technological advances of the past decade, which has resulted in what we now call ecollaboration.

Ecollaboration is all about interaction between people over the Internet, and it is vital in both real and virtual organization arrangements, where people co-exist or work together independent of time and location. Ecollaboration covers a broad range of topics, from underlying technological structures to fundamental mechanisms that are relevant to ecollaboration and virtual organizations. This book presents an overview of many of the important themes and developments in ecollaboration. It provides an essential resource of practical knowledge, applications and ideas, which you can use in both the real and the virtual world.

Some people are dragging their heels against the inevitable trend towards collaboration using technology. Read this book for practical ‘heads up’ tips on how to release the full value of effective ecollaboration in the context of a ‘New Paradigm’ in communication and the way work is done!

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Workplace Jungle

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Field Guide to the Workplace Jungle

We wrote this with the intent of it being a dynamic process, having fun and seeing our workplace in a new way. While each of our animal personas is whimsical, there are many ideas that will help you to build better working relationships, through observation of the various animal behaviors, adaptation, and application of the Tips.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about the Workplace Jungle as much as we enjoyed writing about it!

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