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Words and Attitudes that Leaders Need to Understand

Fact: Change your habits/words and you can completely change your influence. Words and actions matter in today’s business, entertainment and political world. Just look at the controversies in 2017 alone where a wrong word, phrase, or action mentioned in social media or in public caused extreme defensiveness or outright resignations. The right words or action […]


What I have learned from my frustration with robo-spammers, tele-scammers etc.

I have finally made a decision regarding my battle with robo-spammers/tele-spammers and other similar irritants. Below are the possible actions that I have reviewed over the last few months while dealing with the massive increase in spam calls to my cell and home phones. I have fumed, articulated arguments and even written emails to representatives […]

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Businesses Can Balance AI, Robotics & Humanity!

AI, Robotics and Humanity is a critical topic of discussion today! Several dangerous trends are occurring in business today. For example, in the last fifty years’ enterprise companies have started to disappear at an alarming rate. The average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has gone from more than 50 years to less […]

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Embracing AI in Our Lives is Vital

A snippet of the future of AI, thanks to the imagination of Stephen Ibaraki: Time stamp–2026.07.14 “It is time to wake up Jane. Here is your morning update. I did a self-upgrade. I am now Financial Intelligent Agent version 2026.07.14—you can still think of me as FIA (fee-ah) but with an emotional adjustment based upon […]

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Major Challenge in Business: The Future of Leadership

In my opinion, the future of leadership is always changing and it will continue to change. However, it’s human nature, that we often want to categorize everything and everyone into small, manageable boxes subject to fixed rules and processes. It is also evident in businesses today that we are dealing with short-term thinking, a disposable […]

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Rumors, Gossip & Fake News, Oh No!

Unfortunately, we have developed into a society where rumors and gossip often provide convenient tools for both competitive recruiting as well as manipulation of workers. “False News” is major contention in political and business circles today and we are preoccupied with sound bite mayhem and death by innuendo. While social media is often maligned for […]

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5 Critical Commitments for Successful Leadership Development

Today, I see companies paying lip service to leadership training and individuals ignoring the provided methods because they consider them antiquated and outdated.  It’s time for 21st Century concepts be applied to leadership development. Commitment is critical for growth.. Where do you stand on this subject.  Are your giving it lip service or are you […]

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Unlearning Could be the Key to Successful Change

Could the solution to resistance to change be a simple act of unlearning?  Let’s look into this and see just how complex this statement really is for humans. Lao Tzu said, “To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” Peter Drucker said it another way, “We spend a lot […]

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Gibb’s Rules Adapted to Business!

I have been a fan of the TV program NCIS since it was originally released. I have loved it for a number of reasons but most of all because of the focus on Gibb’s rules as a core of operations for the team. There are 50+ of these rules that have cropped up in many […]

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How to avoid negativity in General

Negativity resides everywhere we live today, it’s found at work, school, home, even church. Everywhere you look there are stories of sad and depressing conditions some true, some exaggerated and some totally false. While it can seem difficult to maintain a positive outlook in order to attract the better things that you desire it is […]