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8 Ideas to Sustain Innovation

Marketing PlansIf you own a business today and you want it to be around for a long time, you need to spend at least 33% of your time (my number) innovating. In our hyper-connected, fast-moving world, where people expect things to get better, cheaper and more environmental friendly, sustaining innovation is your route to getting ahead of your competition.

Here are 8 suggestions that can put new vitality into your company through innovation.

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Building Engagement is About Balance

Puzzle PiecesA large number of surveys have been completed over the years, asking what employees are really looking for from their employers. Some say money doesn’t count, it’s more about the perks.  Others say the perks don’t count and it is all about opportunity.

In my experience is there is no single answer to this question. As humans, we are a paradox; in some ways, we are very simplistic and in some ways, we are very complex but the key is in the balance between the two. In our perceived complex work environments today we continue to look for simple solutions which may or may not help with arriving at effective engagement.

I have seen a number of lists that proclaim they can solve the engagement problem in anywhere from 3 to 5 steps and while these steps are all good influences, they don’t have the impact that is promised.

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Personal Habits to Improve Your Career! (2)

Man in Suit (2015_07_30 18_46_37 UTC)Reminder, this is Part 2 on this important topic. Much has been written by many writers about how one can mimic the success plan of others in hopes of replication.  This is great except for three specific reasons:

  • Others habits can only be observed and adapted but they cannot be duplicated.  Each of us is unique with different desires and passions.
  • Others environments are different, making duplication impossible.
  • Individual motivations are distinctly personal, making interpretation significantly different.

With these in mind are there lessons we can learn from various other successful individuals?  Absolutely, but you need to make them totally yours, working within your own environment and interacting with your own internal clock.  In part 2 we will cover some of the areas that we can look at and adapt;

 4. Be an Authentic Leader, not Just a Boss

In today’s workplace we are struggling to keep people engaged.  Based on recent Gallup data, nearly 70% of our workforce is partially or totally disengaged which results in lost revenue, profits and poor customer satisfaction.  So often we try to point fingers and try to find a single solution for every case but there is no easy fix.  I do recommend that it start with the leaders being authentic, transparent and vulnerable in dealing with their staffs.

Being a dictator will definitely make for a tough employee environment.  You people have value and usually hold the keys to saving money or increasing sales if you ask, listen and respond to their communications.  Everyone in the organization needs to feel valued and respected so why not start in your office.  It needs to start somewhere.

Self –Task: Determine what your leadership style is and how it affects your staff.  There are a number of assessments that can be taken.  I highly suggest you think about hiring a coach to help you better understand yourself and others.  They can also help you set goals, measure interactions and provide objective feedback for future development.

 5. Be a Question Machine: Ask lots of pertinent and valuable questions

You should be one who asks many questions, not to micromanage but to help determine direction, uncover savings and new opportunities.  If you are in a senior position, you should be asking the hard questions that affect the big picture vision for your company. For example: Is our vision working?, Are the customers satisfied?, Is our quality up to our standards? Do we have standards and are they current? If you’re in middle management then the questions can be similar but should be more generalized.

Self-Task: Are you asking the right questions? Understand how to ask them and more importantly ensure that you address the answers, when necessary.  Don’t avoid dealing with the results of asking the questions. Be honest & timely with your responses. Be clear in your response.

 6. Being an Honest Collaborator

Businesses today are driven by passion, drive and a desire to make a profit.  How you get there is very important to the sustainable success of your company.  Many times we try to convince ourselves and our employees that things are better than they may really be or that our operation is significantly different from our competition   In fact, this may take the form of delusional perceptions.  We have found over the years that honesty in terms of self-evaluation is critical for individuals and companies alike. Honesty is also critical to collaborative partnerships whether internal or external.

If you find your personal life or that of your company is not quite what it should be, then you may be in a delusional situation. It may be time to re-evaluate your priorities and make adjustments.

Self-Task: This is a tough one because so often our motivation and drive are clouded behind some very tough walls. Again this would be the time to bring in an objective business coach that can help the management team or you individually open the vision and desire to perform at a higher level.

In the next installment we will review; Learning from Your Failures, Learning to Relax & Improve Focus and Get Organized.  See you then.  If you have any questions or comments, call me at 630-454-4821 or visit my website at https://tlgcoach.com.

Misunderstandings that Derail Meetings

Dynamic MeetingThese misunderstandings have cost companies millions of dollars in wasted money & effort.

Misunderstanding #1: – Structure destroys spontaneity.

I once attended a two-day event that easily cost the company over $40,000. Thirty people spent the first hour seeking an issue to discuss and then spent the next 15 hours arguing over potentially unsolvable problems. When asked, “Where’s the agenda, the manager who called the meeting, replied, “I didn’t want to destroy the spontaneity by imposing a structure.”

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Culture Change is Not for the Weak!

CollaborationCulture continues to be a major point of discussion in many elite circles of business today. Many consultants are offering frameworks to adapt your culture to what they say is a better, more flexible format but when companies tried them they failed.

Culture misalignment is not just a big business issue; it can also be a big issue for small companies because the founder of the company often has trouble letting things go as the company grows which can create a massive gap in communications.

Many companies are looking for best practices to make their change in culture faster and easier, only to find the best practices don’t work in their current situation. Hundreds of books continue to roll off the Amazon supply line that offer new insights into how you can change culture quickly.

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Are You Looking for the Ideal Working Environment?

man_spyglass_books_300_nwmThe more I read and digest the works of John Maxwell, the better I understand the nature of interaction and   relationships.  Wherever I choose to work, I use the following as guidelines in making the choice.  If I don’t find the elements present, can I influence their creation in the future?  If the answer is “no” to either question then I have to seriously consider my future in that location or firm.  The key here is to be honest in your evaluation from both sides, personal as well as corporate.

1.   Is it a place where others are ahead of me! 

Are there people that provide a group from which I can learn and grow? This means I have a group to learn from and grow with which makes time and learning progress much faster and provides a lot more fun in the process.

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