What I have learned from my frustration with robo-spammers, tele-scammers etc.

I have finally made a decision regarding my battle with robo-spammers/tele-spammers and other similar irritants. Below are the possible actions that I have reviewed over the last few months while dealing with the massive increase in spam calls to my cell and home phones. I have fumed, articulated arguments and even written emails to representatives […]

10 Steps to Build a Relationship Capital Rich Company

All successful businesses, regardless of what they do or sell, have one thing in common: their leaders know how to build and maintain relationships. Let’s face it, relationships are the glue that holds a company culture together and ensures customer satisfaction is paramount. We can also refer to this as relationship capital, which as its […]

Understanding Relationship Capital Better for Your Business

I define relationship capital as “the relational reserve of credibility (Intangible Asset) measured by completed commitments that allow leaders, employees, peers, clients, vendors and regulators to talk about anything.” A “Reserve” must be built up over time so it is there when needed.  “Credibility” captures the richness, complexity, and influence that is required to create […]