Major Challenge in Business: The Future of Leadership

In my opinion, the future of leadership is always changing and it will continue to change. However, it’s human nature, that we often want to categorize everything and everyone into small, manageable boxes subject to fixed rules and processes. It is also evident in businesses today that we are dealing with short-term thinking, a disposable […]

Try This One Simple Method to Achieve Your New Year’s Goals

How to Look at Certifications

I am often asked questions regarding technical and process certifications and I usually always give the same answer, “well, it depends”. With the rapid changes that go on within the technology arena there are new, better and even revolutionary certifications arising daily. Given that, it is not unusual that developers’ interest in technical certifications continue […]

3 Steps to Reduce Absence & Improve Engagement At Work

Intentionally Redefine Your Leadership Style (part 4)

  So what can you do to develop    your unique leadership style into one that will be highly trusted and respected? Today we continue last week’s post, here are the last three of the seven characteristics you can integrate when selecting the best leadership style, with tips for putting them into action. Be Collaboration-Focused The […]