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Personal Habits to Improve Your Career! (3)

Man in Suit (2015_07_30 18_46_37 UTC)This is the final installment in this series, hope you are enjoying it. Much has been written by many writers about how one can mimic the success plan of others in hopes of replication.  This is great except for three specific reasons:

  • Others habits can only be observed and adapted; they cannot be duplicated.  Each of us is unique with different desires and passions.
  • Others environments are different, making duplication impossible.
  • Individual motivations are distinctly personal, making interpretation significantly different.

With these in mind are there lessons we can learn from various other successful individuals?  Absolutely, but you need to make them totally yours, working within your own environment and interacting with your own internal clock.  So in this final article we will look at some more areas that we can look at and adapt;

7. Learn from your failures  and allow others to do the same

I have a number of stories from scientists to inventors of how they didn’t have failures but rather just found X number of ways of doing something that didn’t work.  For example, Sir James Dyson is one in this group.  He claims to have built 1,526 prototypes of his vacuüm before he got it right.

Thomas Edison is quoted as “I have not failed; I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

He was also noted for saying: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

I can’t really sum this up much better than these two examples of persistence. Failure is not a destination it is part of a journey of success if done with integrity and immense curiosity.

Self-Task: Sit down with your journal some afternoon and write down examples of where you have stuck to your guns and pressed on through failure to exit the other side with a huge win.  Likewise, write down the number of times that you gave up and quit before you saw a value to the process.  Now you can answer the question; do I have what it takes?

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How Coaching Can Help Your Business

tlgcoach-logoDoes your company need a jump-start? Is revenue low, morale declining, and your leadership tactics no longer making an impact? This may be the perfect time to look into leadership coaching.

A good executive coaching program should do more than just set you up with a speaker reading over a PowerPoint presentation. Team up your senior leaders with a good corporate coaching program, and you could be discussing fostering relationships, building strategy, and improving revenue and communications all while engaging in productive activity. It’s easy to connect in an environment where you can be creative, and think outside the box.

I focus on Transformative Leadership Development as a core for growth. A good leadership system can make all the difference in your organization. It effects; communication, connection, human performance, accountability, delivery, and measurement. A one-on-one approach and a program that is tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs is the best choice in executive coaching.

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Try Disconnecting in a Connected Age.

analytics (2014_07_08 17_58_06 UTC)Let me get one thing on the plate to start with; I am a technology geek and I really enjoy technology, however, as we approach the 44th anniversary of the cell phone, I find that we are using the cell phone to hide in plain sight.  There is a real danger that future generations will not know how to communicate and connect in a human way.

More and more I see people of all ages sitting in restaurants staring at their smartphones rather than conversing.  When the do converse it is a very shallow conversation that has little relevance to their relationship.  We need to have at least one day per week to disconnect from our toys.

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Providing Good Feedback is a Great Habit

Bad Feedback

Not the Way to Do It!

It’s a well-known fact that everyone took Feedback & Recognition 101 in college, right? Similarly, being positive all the time comes easy to everybody and we never focus too much on faults, Right? Well, the truth is “NO” on both counts.

The topic of providing feedback and casual recognition is often overlooked in training programs or it gets lost in the stress of meeting short-term, tactical issues so thought we would have a brief discussion on  it here.

In the PE-ER app, being introduced later this summer, there is an expectation that the “Requester” will be providing feedback for the “Maker” so this topic is relevant for this as well as normal management duties.

Micromanaging, complaining, griping and negative feedback seem to have become much more prevalent skills than praising or authentically supporting another person. Heck, many people can’t even manage a positive attitude for an 8-hour shift, much less live it 24/7.

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