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4 Favorite Business Questions I Ask

Courtesy artztsamui & FreeDigitalPhotos - Questions for Growth

Courtesy artztsamui & FreeDigitalPhotos

It is standard knowledge that in the coaching and consulting world, the best people are known by the questions they ask to solicit constructive responses.  While we won’t build a whole session on only 4 questions, they actually become door openers that will allow you to dig deeper with your clients. Business owners can also use these questions to examine their own businesses.

When we deal with companies of all sizes the core data and driving principles should be the same except they will vary in volume.  To discover the overall health it is best to focus on the core areas to determine if the company is needing assistance, solid or is poised for growth. The areas we focus on deal with employees, customers, processes and finances.  Getting a pulse from only four questions can be difficult if you don’t ask the right questions or you aren’t listening to the answer.

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7 Conversations Every Leader Needs to Master

Courtesy of pinkblue & FreeDigitalPhotos

Courtesy of pinkblue & FreeDigitalPhotos

Do you ever wonder if you are as influential as you could be?  Many leaders are one-trick ponies when it comes to influence.  They use one approach in every situation.  Sometimes this works, the same way a broken clock is right twice every day.  However, by developing greater flexibility and range, you can be even more effective.

By associating different parts of the body with different influence styles, you can quickly assess whether you have the full toolkit of conversations that a leader needs to influence people in almost every situation.

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