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Surveys, Still Valuable to Your Business?

Making surveys workAre surveys still valuable in your business? I have been asking myself this question for the last six months to a year. The sad problem is that I answer myself with the paradoxical “Yes” and “No”.

On the telephone, in the mail, on our computers, smartphones and iPads, American consumers and businesses are being solicited as never before to express their feelings about products and services ranging from meals in fast food restaurants to the latest consulting engagement you presented to a client.

I suspect in some circles there is a remnant of “survey rage”, similar to road rage, where people are contemplating the most absurd answers to the questions the next pollster or online survey they feel they are entrapped into taking.

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Keystone Leadership Concepts

There is a term in the realm of biology entitled a Keystone Species.  In architecture there is a building term that refers to the Keystone of an Arch.  In thinking about these terms last week I wondered if there were some characteristics that we could apply to the role of a leader.  Lo and behold there were some ideas what we could readily adopt and use as a bench mark.  First let’s look at the term Keystone Species;

 Sheelamohan FDP 2014

What is a Keystone Species?

A keystone species is one that plays a unique and crucial role in the way an ecosystem functions. It has a disproportionately large effect on its environment relative to its abundance.

There are two recognized attributes of a keystone species. First, the presence of a keystone species is crucial in maintaining the integrity of its ecosystem through species diversity and organization. Second, these species are relatively more important in structuring their ecosystem when compared to most other species of equal biomass found within their community.

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6 Tips for Finding the Right People

Leadership 1Today, many companies are struggling with trying to find the right people to take the firm to the next level in many industries.  Stockholders are demanding this happen with Senior Leaders but so often they don’t offer any solutions nor do they have any idea of what defines the “Right People”.  Sometimes they try to use psychometric testing to fill this void, with limited results.  So how can a company find authentic and effective leaders for the future?  Here are six tips that may help with this process:

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