10 Steps to Build a Relationship Capital Rich Company

All successful businesses, regardless of what they do or sell, have one thing in common: their leaders know how to build and maintain relationships. Let’s face it, relationships are the glue that holds a company culture together and ensures customer satisfaction is paramount. We can also refer to this as relationship capital, which as its […]

What is a CRI score?

A Credibility Reliability Index (CRI) is a measurement that was developed as part of the PE-ER platform to establish a basis for understanding trust and focus on being trustworthy.  The basic premise is, the more commitments you successfully keep the more reliable you will be and hence more trustworthy. Therefore, it’s really quite simple. The […]

The Why’s of Commitment

Simon Sinek makes some major statements in his 2011 book, “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”, but he emphasizes the fundamental need of every human, who is striving to succeed, to know the “WHY” of what they are doing. He discusses the idea of inspiring others to do well and […]