10 Steps to Build a Relationship Capital Rich Company

How Collaboration Can Succeed 21st Century Organizations

In an older survey from the Center for Creative Leadership, a large majority of the senior leaders believed collaboration was essential to success. Yet, only 30% of respondents believed leaders in their organizations were actually skilled in collaboration. In my mind, this indicates that leaders must learn and embrace working across boundaries, physical, cultural and […]

2015 Challenge: Ideas for Engaging Employees

How can we, as leaders, engage employees’ heads, hearts, and hands? Much has been written on the subject of engaging employees  however in this article I will endeavor to highlight a number of areas were leaders should strive for excellence in dealing with their people. These will yield engagement. 1. Always Connect: Leaders must demonstrate […]

Revelation: It’s Not All about Authority!

Today, many executives dream of ascending the ladder for the sole purpose of gaining more authority. Once they have arrived then they truly, believe they can make “things” happen which will create a change that they have in mind, usually without much input from others. In addition, current senior executives, often report they are frustrated by […]