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Soft Skills in Action for Self-Motivation & More Sales

Thanks to Stuart Miles & FDP

Focus on Soft Skills to grow sales!

Generally, a sales motivation blog will contain a number of steps that you can do to sell your products and/or services to more people, more often but every one of those steps are rooted in soft skills. In this blog we are going to review a common list in that light.

While it is very true that every day of your life you are selling yourself, in fact, nothing happens until you’re successful at doing that. To do this excellently, you must have the appropriate soft skills under your control and be living the process.

Many times we forget or ignore the fact that we’re all in sales, whether we like it or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lawyer or an accountant, a manager or a politician, an engineer or a doctor. This message is really a letter to myself as well as a blog article. It is vital to understand that soft skills in action can provide the base for all sales processes.

As John Maxwell says, “Leadership is about influence”. We spend a great deal of our time trying to persuade people to buy our product or service, accept our proposals or merely accept what we say.

At the core of this process, you need to get better at persuading or influencing other people – you need to get better at self-motivation and selling yourself. To do that improve your soft skills.

Here are 10 sales reminders that utilize soft skills. We list a sampling of soft skills for each sales reminder to help with your growth and self-motivation:

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Barriers to Growing Soft Skills

This is a list of “Soft” Skills compiled by Dorothy Dalton, in September, 2013 regarding a ranking of soft skills needed for success. Not much has changed in the last 2 years. I believe this also means that the barriers to growing soft skills are basically the same as they were in 2013.

Soft Skills Ranked - 2013






Soft skills cement a career

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Are Soft Skills Over-rated?

Core Values

Attrib: D. Dominici FDP

Today, we are seeing a tremendous amount being written and taught on Soft Skills in the business and social arena. Many are saying this topic is over rated and just a buzz word. but I beg to differ. Many of our communications problems today find their root in incivility, rudeness and lack of respect. By the way all are soft skills! It is one of those ailments that has happened over a period of time, without many really realizing the impact. It is also being ignored by many leaders in the marketplace.

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