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Surveys, Still Valuable to Your Business?

Making surveys workAre surveys still valuable in your business? I have been asking myself this question for the last six months to a year. The sad problem is that I answer myself with the paradoxical “Yes” and “No”.

On the telephone, in the mail, on our computers, smartphones and iPads, American consumers and businesses are being solicited as never before to express their feelings about products and services ranging from meals in fast food restaurants to the latest consulting engagement you presented to a client.

I suspect in some circles there is a remnant of “survey rage”, similar to road rage, where people are contemplating the most absurd answers to the questions the next pollster or online survey they feel they are entrapped into taking.

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Why Influence is Important!

Today’s world is a confusing one for our personal and career planning?  First of all, we don’t do enough planning and when we do, it is perceived as self-centered and negative for others in our area of influence.  We are influenced a thousand or more times a day and there is some level of backlash occurring in the market today. This is a graphic that represents the 12 companies that vie for our attention.

12 Brands with most influence 2014

Advertisers attempt to convince us to buy products or services daily in print, on TV, radio and the internet. Many times we feel this is a burden or an invasion of our privacy but the fact is that we need influence to help us understand the things we don’t have an immediate knowledge of regarding a purchase, career or service.

For example, many families are dysfunctional enough they cannot make a decision of what to do for a vacation, so many times they are ignored or engaged in a combative dance for a week or two. What happened to influence in this situation?  Well, generally it was ignored because everyone had an opinion and they would only settle for their own opinion being recognized.  No one entered the conversation with an attitude of WIN-WIN as recommended by virtually every self-development guru I know.

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Become a Story Changer

My son-in-law had an interesting exercise to participate in the birth of his first daughter.  He put enough jelly beans in a quart mason jar to denote the time between when they discovered they were expecting to when the projected due date was.  As he ate one jelly bean per day, it provided fun plus a physical reminder of what remarkable event was going to take place.  It was also a reminder that his responsibilities and his story were going to change.  He was experiencing the power of being a story changer. He was going to take on the role of being a dad for the first time.   This got me thinking.

Story Changers Guide

Jelly Beans make a great motivational tool.

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