2017 – Seek out Innovative & Disruptive Ideas

Have you ever noticed that the road to innovation is not straight nor is it flat, it’s disruptive, curvy and sometimes riddled with potholes? Typically, those potholes create distractions that cause burnouts, minor failures or even monumental, catastrophic failures. The net result of this can often be loss of focus and fear within many organizations, […]

10 Steps to Build a Relationship Capital Rich Company

Surveys, Still Valuable to Your Business?

Are surveys still valuable in your business? I have been asking myself this question for the last six months to a year. The sad problem is that I answer myself with the paradoxical “Yes” and “No”. On the telephone, in the mail, on our computers, smartphones and iPads, American consumers and businesses are being solicited […]

Revelation: It’s Not All about Authority!

Today, many executives dream of ascending the ladder for the sole purpose of gaining more authority. Once they have arrived then they truly, believe they can make “things” happen which will create a change that they have in mind, usually without much input from others. In addition, current senior executives, often report they are frustrated by […]