A Momentous View of Employee Engagement

Can you give me a moment? I believe that employee engagement is significant, enriching, enlivening, and real when we distill engagement into moments. The paradox is that moments strung together can create something momentous – very important: having great or lasting importance.  My definition of employee engagement is good work done well with others every day. We must […]

Career Zingers #17: Be Ignorant

Ignorance is essential for authentic career development Bench and Pier at Hilton Head (David Zinger 2018) Ignorance means not knowing. Stupidity is thinking you know when you don’t. Often in career development we seek out experts, coaches, authors, and counsellors to tell us what we should be doing. We can learn from others but deep […]

Career Zingers #15: New Eyes

I Eye New Eyes (David Zinger, 2018) “The journey of discovery begins not with new vistas but with having new eyes with which to behold them.”  ~ Proust Are you able to refresh the I behind your eyes? Many of us are myopic in looking for something new in our careers when the newness may be […]

Career Zingers #14: Precious Work

Do you experience the preciousness of your work? Abu Dhabi Louvre Art (David Zinger, 2017) Precious defined: ˈpreSHəs – of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly. Imagine today at work is your first day at work. Imagine today at work is your last day at work. Each of us, regardless of how […]