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Lifestyle Design

New for 2018: Lifestyle Design will be the future of work and life balance.  If you want to get a running start at it, check out our new video course that provides an overview of the process required to make the necessary changes. Just click on the picture above or here.  Now like all self-development courses there are no guarantees but I can assure you that if you see the logic and apply your own values to the process the changes will come.


Here is a video explaining our marketing course on TLG Leadership Institute.  This 9 video course explains the basics of using eBooks or PDF’s to generate sales and traffic for your site.  Simple to do guides make it easy for all users. Register today at TLG Leadership Institute.


“TLG Leadership Institute” is live.  Our goal is to offer online courses for our readers that are practical and affordable for every small business owner. Some of the courses will are informal and easy reading but others offer audio, video and  certification courses for various topics or skills. We hope you enjoy them.  Just click on the logo below and you will be taken directly to the our catalog.

The first course, Practical Ways to Grow Your Small Business Like the “Big” Guys is currently listed for $49.  Please feel free to sign up and start your learning process.

There are also two courses that are “FREE” to use, download and review.