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What is a CRI score?

A Credibility Reliability Index (CRI) is a measurement that was developed as part of the PE-ER platform to establish a basis for understanding trust and focus on being trustworthy.  The basic premise is, the more commitments you successfully keep the more reliable you will be and hence more trustworthy.

Therefore, it’s really quite simple. The higher the Credibility Reliability Index score, the more reliable the individual or company is to deliver on their commitments- the lower the score, the less reliable they are.

As a guideline the Credibility Reliability Index figure is calculated as a combination of:

  • The number of commitments you met or exceeded on the timeline,
  • The number of commitments that you missed delivery on,
  • The total number of points available for commitments requested
  • The feedback scores received on all completed commitments

So it’s not simply a case of recording how many commitments you make – it’s much more comprehensive than that and the data is constantly updated.

Not all commitments are present in the CRI – only when you and your collaborative partner have determined that a particular commitment has sufficient visibility and value to warrant tracking does it become data reality. However, the more commitments tracked successfully the better the integrity of the Index.

It is our thought that once you have developed a habit of completing high visibility, high-value commitments well, then the small commitments become second nature and improve also. If you try to track every commitment you make in a day, you will find yourself buried in a morass of detail that will cause you to lose focus and destroy your productivity. It is all about balance.

A commitment is formed by type, due date, priority, and expectations. This ensures that no single commitment can unduly influence a maker’s overall Index figure.

Another thing to bear in mind when reviewing an individual’s CRI score is that it can be dependent on the diligence and discipline of each partner in terms of recording correctly. I like to refer people to the acronym: F.D.A. or Full Disclosure Always when it comes to building commitments.

Normally, a newer user will have a lower CRI Score than a person who has been doing this for some time. Experience and ease of use will be the performance edge in this case.

Standard of Trust, the company behind the CRI, is ultimately looking to provide valuable information aggregated from the data of the community of users that can help leaders develop their organization’s performance and participation with customers and employees. This will be done with non-privacy related data analysis making the applicability much more open.

As a subscriber, i.e., a Maker, you will be able to monitor and effect your overall CRI. The Index also offers information on which types of commitments you used most often and what the priorities were on those commitments.

And just to complete the picture, PE-ER allows Requesters and Makers, the ability to give a number of Appreciation Awards for attitudes and work ethic that exceeds expectations. These are the type of things that help build employee engagement.

As we see growth in the use of the product and processes, we can easily envision the CRI becoming a standard that is as relevant as a FICO score or any other measurement body index. It will take the time to get to that point but have the vision is always the best starting point.

If you would like to follow the progress of PE-ER, please navigate to and sign up for product updates there. Or you can contact me a 630-454-4821.